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Tantrix Match wint UK 'Top Toys Gold Award 2011'


      Het jury-rapport

Tantrix Match is a good addictive brain game. 
Using the clues provided on puzzle card complete a variety of different challenges.

Tantrix Match was instantly appealing and this appeal was long lasting.

Our testers found the instructions clear and easy to follow. These would need to be kept with the product if not played on a regular basis as a reminder to what the symbols of the cards mean.

Using the puzzle cards different challenges can be carried out and hopefully achieved.

Once all the challenges have been completed you can create your own. The puzzle cards increase in difficulty and add-on packs are available.

This puzzle can be played by one person, but is also enjoyed by a small group of people playing together. 
Tantrix Match offers good play value and it would be a great resource in a Toy Library.

The toy encouraged the following skills; Imaginative, Fine motor skills, speaking, listening, hand – eye co-ordination, problem solving, planning/strategy, reading/writing, concentration, life skills.

The game gave opportunities for turn taking when played with in groups. It also required observation skills. Safe to be played with unsupervised, hard wearing and easy to clean.

The child testers made the following comments; “Got my brain working”, “Liked it because it was challenging”, “It was a really good game that anyone can play.

An ideal puzzle for people who like a challenge.





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